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Science Week

Science Week went off with a bang with all the children involved in Science experiments, watching the chicks hatch and grow, STEM webinars and to top it off a whole school workshop delivered by the National Physical Laboratory. 

Pupils really enjoyed taking part:

Chloe 'It was fun. They were saying I am going to drop the ruler. We were trying to catch the ruler.'

Theo 'I liked it. It was good fun.'

Christian ' They would say drop the ruler and we had to catch it. They measured how long we caught it.'

Thea 'Both hands were the same for me. It was good fun.'

Ebo 'We learned about different materials to make a bridge.'

Felix 'We helped to make a farm more carbon neutral and better for the environment.' 

Isaac 'I liked the little chicks and watching them hatch.'

Leo 'I saw the first chick hatch as it happened.'

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