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Security & Safety

St John's is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all on our site. We have stringent systems in place to protect online identity and data. All visitors enter via our reception and are signed in and asked to wear a visitor pass, no visitor is left unaccompanied whilst in the building. 

Site Security

Safeguarding our children is paramount at St John's. Visitors to our school are asked to sign in at reception and to collect a visitor's badge. There is a secure perimeter fence around the school. Parents and Guardians walk their children to school and drop them at their allotted entrance where a member of our staff will greet them.  Class teachers should be informed of any different arrangements for collecting the child at home time. Our staff will not allow a child to leave unless collected by a named adult as arranged. We will call home if there is any doubt double check arrangements. Gates are locked after drop off has completed and only the main reception is accessible during the day. 


The school has CCTV on all entrances and exits which is monitored by the school office.  

School Streets Scheme

The School Streets scheme for our area started on Monday 1 November 2021 and will operate as a restricted pedestrian and cycle only zone, Monday - Friday between 8.30am-9.30am and 2.45pm-3.45pm during school term times only. During these periods there will be restrictions on vehicles entering the zone. 


Communication and risk assessments

We have risk assessments in place to ensure the safety of our children. We carry out termly evacuation practices. Many of our staff carry two way radio's enabling us to stay in contact should any need arise. We have good relationships with the community police and other local schools in the area, there is an alert system in place between schools should any incidents happen locally. 

Online safety

The Internet is considered to be an essential part of modern life. The school has a duty to provide pupils with quality Internet access as part of their learning. Our e-safety policy considers new and emerging technologies in our continuing aim to enable pupils to become autonomous users with a safe, positive attitude towards the internet and provide suitable resources, training and support for staff.  We have regular E-Safety lessons, safer Internet campaigns, cyber buddies and e-safety assemblies to continually raise awareness of staying safe online. You can read detailed online safety information on our specific page here

First Aid, Defibrillators & Medications

Most of our staff are first aid trained, we also have staff members on our radio network who are highly trained in first aid who can be called to assist. We have first aid kits at designated sites around the school.  Defibrillators are held in the school office and at Forest School. They are suitable for both adults and children. Our staff are trained in there use.


Medications are kept in the school office and are clearly marked with the child's name and picture. We have staff trained in administration of Epi-Pens and diabetes medication. You can read our medicines policy here.

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