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Parents/carers are encouraged to come to the school to talk about any concerns they may have.  The school has an open door policy and staff are available to see parents/carers before and after school, and at other times by appointment.

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A ‘complaint’ within the terms of these procedures is an expression of dissatisfaction by a person or persons with a legitimate interest in the school, but not employed by the school.  These procedures do not deal with complaints about the standard of teaching of members of the teaching staff or about the conduct, actions or omissions of members of the teaching or non-teaching staff employed at the school.


A copy of the Complaints Procedure is held in the school office and is available for parents.  A summary of the procedure is given to all parents/carers when their child joins the school.



The school aims to keep parents/carers informed when they have made a complaint, and adheres to the timescales stated in this procedure.  Complaints will be considered and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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