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Reception Blog Week Ending: 13th May 2022

We have had a busy time in Hubble class over the last two weeks. The Mayor came to visit St John's to plant a tree to celebrate the Queen's platinum J​ubilee. She told us all about her job as Mayor and Brian told us the history of the mace that he was carrying.

The highlight of the last couple of weeks was of course our trip to Bocketts Farm. We had fantastic weather and enjoyed meeting all the different animals at the farm. The children enjoyed the playground almost as much! They were all perfectly behaved and we are very proud of them.

We enjoyed PE outside for the first time and practised lots of different skills.

We have a new woodwork area to work in now. We have been practising hammering in nails and screwing in screws. It's great fun and we can't wait to design and build.

In Art we have made pictures using different resources such as charcoal, water colour crayons and pencils and mono printing.

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