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Reception Blog Week beginning: 29th April 2022

Below is our most recent blog from Reception. This includes a summary of the last two weeks. These will be updated every other Friday.

Writing thank you cards to the Easter bunny. We tried to use capital letters, finger spaces and sounding out the words.

We really enjoyed showing our Easter Bonnets in the parade.

We had a fantastic ‘Funky hair day. Miss Shaw came in to talk about different hairstyles and we learnt new vocabulary such as cornrow, plaits, ponytail, afro, dreadlock, straight, curly and ringlet. She then styled some of the children’s hair and then they styled each others, including the staff! We practised our fine motor skills by threading, combing, and adding clips in the hair.

We shared and talked about our Easter holidays using photos on Tapestry and talking in front of the whole class. One of the children told us about visiting Disneyland which encouraged others to share their Disney story books for story time. We have really enjoyed listening to these stories.

We have also been using paper cups to build the tallest tower we can. The children realised that they had to turn the cups and balance them carefully. We managed to build up to 6 cups before it fell.

We found a timer and the children had a great idea to time people running around the climbing frame to see who was the fastest. They then had to count how many seconds it took. The fastest time was 8 seconds!

We made a pictogram to find the most common hair colour in Hubble class. We found that light brown is the most common. What else could you find out using a pictogram?

Continuing on the ‘hair’ theme, we have made our own cress heads. We drew a face on a cup, added damp cotton wool and added a sprinkle of cress seeds. We hope they will grow into lovely green hair!

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