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Unicef Global Goals Assembly

Throughout the year our Rights Ambassadors have been helping us understand the 17

Global Goals agreed by the United Nations to end extreme poverty and improve our world

by 2030. Some of the Global Goals are:

• ending extreme poverty

• fighting inequality and injustice

• providing clean water for all

• protecting our oceans and ecosystems

Our Rights Ambassadors continue to remind us to think about what we can do to make the

world a safer, fairer and more sustainable place in which our rights are protected and

respected. They regularly remind us about the importance, however small this may be, to do

our part.

Our Rights Ambassadors, School Council and Eco Warriors continue to be active citizens,

working hard to bring about positive change. This year they have been keen to support a

wide range of charities in order to seek to improve equality for all. They are courageous

advocates for the environment by enthusiastically checking that the classrooms are energy

saving by turning off lighting when they are not needed, litter picking in the school grounds

and along the Hogsmill river, weeding and planting to improve our school grounds and

helping with recycling. They have also led Collective Worship to help us all understand and

support the Global Goals.

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