St John’s News 2: September 2021

The Lord God wants you to honour all human authorities. 1 Peter 2:13

A message from the Head

Our children are gradually returning to their school routines and enjoying being together socially. We continue to explore the Christian value Respect, with the children thinking of the adults who care for us by helping at home, appreciating what's done for them, cooperating and taking responsibility for their actions. Most children have said how they are trying to help out at home and show respect.

Last Wednesday, news is emerged of the cabinet reshuffle. Gavin Williamson has been relieved of his duties as Education Secretary, and the new appointment is Nadhim Zawahi, who has previously held the position of Secretary of State for Children and Families. I sincerely hope that he can cut through some of the ‘political red tape’ and put our children at the heart of Government policy.

Attendance has been very good so far this term. Thank you for your help in making sure that your children attend school and arrive on time. As we no longer have a staggered start to the day, punctuality is vitally important. Many classes undertake important learning first thing in the morning whilst the children are bright and fresh, and it can be unsettling for children who arrive late.

If your child is unable to attend school, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you inform us of this and let us know why, before 9am on the day of absence. Please e-mail school or leave a message on the absence line, giving your child’s name, class and a brief reason for absence. If we are not informed of a reason for an absence, it will be recorded as unauthorised. Should you require leave for your child, please complete a request form. Authorised leave will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. We do not have jurisdiction to authorise family holidays or a long weekends in any circumstances.

OWL & Forest School News

We have continued harvesting our summer crops and are busy planting winter vegetables for munching on in the new year. We have been chopping wood ready for the cold weather, and we have been learning about using Zones of Regulation to help us with our feelings.

If you shop at Morrisons please use you MyMorrisons App and let us have your Good to Grow tokens to help us buy gardening equipment.

Blue Mufti Day

Thank you to the children and staff for dressing in blue and donating money for charity to pay tribute to staff member Sue Elford. Just under £230 was raised - thank you again for your generosity.

Welcome to our new children

We welcome Reception and Nursery children who had a staggered start to school. They are settling in and enjoying their new settings.