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St John’s News 15

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6


A message from the Head

Welcome back to the summer term. It is evident the children had an enjoyable Easter break judging from their healthy glow!

This half-term we will be exploring the Christian value ‘Wisdom’. Wisdom acts for the good of others, and not for purely personal gain. Wisdom involves considering others. It is about being prepared to listen to the advice of others, thinking before you speak and choosing silence over words. Wisdom isn’t about what you know (this is knowledge/information) but about what you do, with what you know - the application of your knowledge. If you would like to join us in exploring this value with your child at home, you can find the resource Home-School Value on our Christian Distinctiveness page on our website.

As you are aware St John’s will be celebrating its 150th year anniversary over this summer term. We delayed our plans due to the uncertainty of the situation regarding COVID-19. We are now at a point where we can share our plans. We will be celebrating over the week of 5th - 9th July 2021.


Tweet, tweet, tweet...

We have a new Twitter account. Keep up to date and share our stories and news by following @STJKingston



As part of our commitment to providing important mindfulness activities, children in years 4-6 will now attend OWL sessions every other week. This will be achieved by splitting the class into two and taking turns on a weekly basis. Those remaining in class will be able to benefit from additional quality first teaching input, whilst those in OWL will be able to spend time outdoors in our allotment and forest area.

Can you help?

OWL and Forest School are unique to St John’s. All children take part and we are entirely self funded. We have started a monthly donation scheme. If you feel able to donate a small monthly amount please use this fundraising link and be sure to click monthly. You can pay by card or PayPal. Funds raised will help us continue to purchase gardening equipment, compost, bird seed, sustainable firewood and other items that keep the children busy. Thanks in advance!


It's our birthday!

All our plans will be shared with you in due course, here are some confirmed activities already planned:

Mon 5th July: Sports Day and picnic

Tues 6th July: Victorian Day and Farm

Weds 7th July: Church service and lunch

Thurs 8th July: Time Capsule

Fri 9th July: Carnival and magic shows