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Rights Respecting School, protecting children affected by war

Updated: May 12, 2023

As a Rights Respecting school, our children regularly learn about their rights and the

responsibilities that are implied.

This month we are focussing on Article 38: Governments must do everything they

can to protect and care for children affected by war.

The rights within the UN Convention are indivisible – a child should have all of their

rights, all the time. Year 3 have been looking at The United Nations Convention on

the Rights of the Child and identified how many rights are affected when a child ‘s life

is disrupted by armed conflict or war. Year 3 designed some powerful posters to

promote peace. Imo said: ‘If there was peace all over the world, all children would be

safe from war and they would all have their rights.’

If there ever was a time when knowing your rights was so important, this is the time.

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