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News from our link school in Malawi

A lovely lady called Eileen is our regular visitor and she comes to tell us news about our partner school.

​At our most recent assembly Eileen shared a slideshow in our school hall with lots of great pictures from our friends in Africa.

Alcinda reflects on the special visit:

We sent letters to the children there about games to play at school and at home and we were so pleased to see pictures of them actually holding our letters. Eileen showed us a powerpoint and you could really see see how happy they were getting pencils, pens and exercise books. This might sound unusual but they are not as fortunate as us and we must remember that.

We also sent them some balls. How nice it was to receive some back - even though they were made out of something we were surprised at - plastic!

I have seen how lucky we are and I will try not to take our things for granted.

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