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Pupils leave their memories before moving on to Secondary Schools

HARRY Hello my name is Harry and sadly I will be moving on to Radnor House after 8 years of St.John’s. I will miss St.John’s a lot. I started in Nursery just at the age of 3 and I am now leaving at the age of 11. Over the years I have made friends with new people who do not know anyone one, but I am also friends with people who I met in the first year of school. Luckily, I have never been bullied and hopefully it will stay that way. All of the teachers at St John’s are kind and caring. My favourite lessons have been Geography and P.E. My best friends at St.John’s are very kind and caring to me. All the other classes in the school have been very nice to me and will miss me when I am gone, Even though I am moving on I will remember my good memories of this school.

LIZZIE I have been at St. Johns since year R . Throughout my time here I have made many memories and friends. When I leave I will be going to Teddington high school, and will greatly miss St. Johns School. I have enjoyed the sports that St. Johns has offered, especially netball. Without the school I wouldn’t have found out about how much I enjoyed sports like rounders and netball. I have enjoyed the countless competitions I have been to and all the work that we have done. I will miss St. Johns, but I know it is time to move on. The school has taught me a lot, and I have learnt many valuable lessons.

MONTY I am looking forward to going to my secondary school (Dauntseys). I will miss not having much homework, and my best friends. It was great when we went to PGL, I got to know my class mates a bit more. It was great fun we did lots of fun activities. Personally my favourite activity was raft building because at the end I had to drag the raft back to the yeti. In my last year of St John’s, I had the best teacher ever called Mr Baker, He makes my lessons so fun. He will definitely not be a teacher who will be forgotten. I enjoyed playing the football dice game that Mr Baker made up. I enjoyed writing the how were her toes like that story. My favourite lesson is P.E because I really enjoy doing sport. I am really disappointed that this year has ended quickly.

MORGAN I arrived from France and I picked this school because I looked at the website and I really wanted to visit .I have been in St Johns for 2 years and I am now leaving to go to TKA (the Kingston Academy). A week after I joined I had two very good friends, Will and Jonas. I remember on Will’s birthday we went to the show ‘Matilda’. We all loved the show and I treasure this memory forever. In class5 our topic was the Anglo Saxons. I remember in art we make Anglo Saxons swords and axes with clay. In class 6, we did lots of fun things like the PGL trip, the VMP project (the virgin money project) and the shard. In class 6 our topic was ww2 we also made a museum and every class visited.

ETHAYAA I am going to a secondary school called Hollyfield Secondary School. I have been in St. Johns for two years and some of the days in school have been the best days of my life and some days are really cool. I will miss St. Johns and its fun adventure like PGL. That was my favourite trip in school. I had made a lot of friends in school. Also, St.Johns is a kind, caring and fun place. My favourite subjects in school are: Pyhsical education and Computing. I am a bit glad I’m moving on because I can see new teachers and make more friends.

STANLEY I am in Year 6, and leaving St. John’s. I’m going to Kingston Grammar School in September and have been in St.John’s since nursery. I love St.John’s, and these are just some of the memories from each year... I remember the Year R trip to the Hampton Court Palace Gardens. It was really enjoyable, even though it was pouring down with rain. I also remember ‘Pirate Day’ in Year 1. We all dressed up as pirates, and drew pictures of them. Flying to St. Lucia in Year 2 was a great day. I loved going through security and getting on the plane. The ZSL London Zoo trip in Year 3 is very memorable, and I especially remember the Pygmy Hippo enclosure. We could see the Hippo in the ‘Hot Tub’. The assembly in Year 4 was great. I was playing the part of Pharaoh, and loved performing in front of the school. Playing the glockenspiel to Lean on Me, You’ve got to pick a pocket or two, and (my favourite) Buck Fizz ‘Making Your Mind Up’. I also played the piano in the summer concert. In Year 6, we did loads of things. Just to name a few, there was: making the WW2 Museum, PGL, the Virgin Money Project, the Imperial War museum, our curriculum assembly and our trip to the Shard. I loved my time at St. John’s and have enjoyed every moment. It’s a great school and I will miss it. The teachers are great and the experience is amazing.

VENUS I cannot believe that this September I am going to Coombe Girls’ school and I will leave my friends and St. John’s school very soon. I am so worried that no one would like to be my friend in Secondary school. However, all of the experiences in St. John’s had helped me a lot to understand everything that will happen in Secondary school. When I’m not here, I will definitely miss everything that had happened in St. John’s, because it is the most memorable time I have ever had in this school. We went to London to watch Matilda with Mr. Hastings, and it was the most incredible and exciting trip that I had in class 5. In class 5, I really enjoyed learning with Mr. Hastings about global citizen day. In class 6, we went to loads of trips to our learning in class, including The Houses of Parliament, Hollyfield, PGL, The shard, Southwark Cathedral and Chessington world of adventures. I cannot decide which one is my favourite trip in class 6, because all of the school trips we went this year are brilliant. In class 6, I really enjoyed learning maths with Mr. Baker, because we get to play games that helped us to learn about maths a lot, and maths is also my favourite subject. I have been here since year 5 and I enjoyed being with all of the teachers, and I am very thankful.

JONAS I've been at St John's since I was 3 in the Nursery. I'm going to Hollyfield school with my friends. I've enjoyed pretty much every year here but I'll miss everyone, including the teachers. I've loved PE, Art and PSHE. I want to work in the military services and after I'd like to maybe work in the police force. I think it's the best primary school in Kingston. I loved PGL and being with all of my friends on holiday.

THOMAS Over the eight years (including nursery) that I have been at st. Johns, I have done many fun things, including: school trips, making new friends and many more. My time at st. Johns has whizzed by, and I just don’t want it to end .that doesn’t mean I am not excited for secondary school. I am going to The Kingston Academy, and I am really looking forward to secondary school. It was very satisfying when I finished S.A.T.s, because I could look at all my work, and know that I would have passed, because of all the revision and learning I had done. If it wasn’t for my Mum and my grandmother, I wouldn’t have got half the score I got. I am really going to miss St. John's, and I will be sad to leave.

WILL My secondary school will be Hollyfield and my big brother goes there as well. I remember joining Class R and I was very shy because I knew no one there. It was very scary but within a week I had made plenty of friends and I was used to everything in my new School. I also thoroughly enjoyed the class trips such as the Zoo Trip in class 3 ,the Hyde Park trip in Class R and the Matilda west end show on my birthday . My most memorable moment would be in Class 5 when I was playing the man coming out the lake in Pride and Prejudice. My favourite subject was Computing and I have enjoyed it lots. I will miss St John’s Primary very much - I will remember you.

LOIS The secondary school which I am going to is Kingston Academy and I think St John’s has been one of the best experiences of my life but I know it’s time to move on. I remember in year R going on a boat to Hampton Court and having lunch in Bushy Park and learning phonics and sounds. In class 1 I remember going to the Natural History Museum and being scared of all the Dinosaur bones. Also I liked learning about Animals and Space. In class 2 I remember going to the Wet Land Centre and going round with Mrs P. I also liked learning about Florence Nightingale. In class 3 I remember going to the Zoo and getting a massive Ice cream. I loved seeing the Monkeys. Also I liked learning about Romans which was fun. In class 4 I remember going to the British Museum and getting cookies on the train. I also liked learning about Egyptians and making a massive tomb. In class 5 I remember going to Matilda and having a lot of exiting fun. I liked learning about Saxons and learning about global citizen day. In class 6 I remember going to The Houses of Parliament, Hollyfield, PGL, The shard, Southwark Cathedral and Chessington. I loved learning about the Amazon with Mr Greef and learning maths with Mr Baker.

OWEN I have been at St.John’s for 8 years, and next year I am going to ‘The Hollyfield School’, and I’m really excited, but I will miss St.John’s. One of my first memories of St.John’s was when we went to Hampton Court Palace in Year R. The boat ride was extremely fun I thought it was the best thing ever. Another good memory was in Year R when I, James and Tristan were playing football together for the first time. I loved doing The Great Fire of London topic in Year 2, because it was really fun. In Year 3 one of my favourite memories was when we went to pizza express, and made pizzas. When we got back, we watched a film, and we watched a movie, we were allowed to eat our pizzas, but I didn’t have it because I thought it didn’t have any toppings (I was wrong!) In Year 4 my favourite memory was when we did the class assembly, where we showed everything we learned. James and I were main characters. I loved P.E in Year 5, because we did lots of sports like Hockey, and some more. My favourite memory in Year 6 was obviously P.G.L (Peter Gordon Lewis) or known to us as (Parents Get Lost.) For me all of the things we did at P.G.L was my favourite memory, but one thing shines out from the bunch. It was when James had come back to P.G.L after being sick, and I tried giving him 50p for the Gift Shop, but he said “I don’t need no charity!”

ALI My secondary school is called Hollyfield and it is quite a big difference I’m going there in September and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also very excited to have a choice of food. The years that I have been at St John’s have been some of the best days in my life. I will miss St John’s and its wondrous adventures especially when we went to PGL; on the bus there I got very tired and nearly fell asleep. My favourite lessons have always been Computing and Art, because I like drawing and using computers. I’m kind off happy I’m moving on, because I can experience being with other teachers, But I will still miss some teachers.

POLLY I am going to Teddington secondary school. I’ve been at St John’s since nursery and I have enjoyed every moment in my time at the school. I especially enjoyed PGL and liked taking part in all of the class assembly we have done. I enjoy doing gardening in the allotment on the field I also like all the assembly when people come in to talk to us about different things. Also I especially like all the sports we do in P.E like gymnastics and rounders and all the sports events we go to like dance and skipping events.

NATALIA I came to St.Johns in year 5 and had lots of fun though it is the same with year 6. I am quite nervous to go to my secondary school called: Hollyfield. I would say that it's a big school though there are still lots of big schools or even bigger than mine out there. I will miss St. John's a lot and I am going to remember this school all my life.

FIN In September I am going to Kingston Academy. Over the seven years I have been at St. Johns, I have been on a residential ; had swimming lesson ; made a pizza at pizza express and done many other school trips . It feels I have only been here a year. My favourite subject was science and I liked making circuits. I will definitely miss this school when I leave.

TRISTAN I have been in this wonderful primary school, St John’s for 8 years and I have had so much fun, but now that I’m in year six it is the end and I have to move on to secondary school, but I don’t want to leave this amazing school . I’ve had so many fun times in St John’s as it says on the right. St John’s has made me who I am. I feel excited to go to Hollyfield, but I will miss St John’s school so much! When I move on to secondary school I will miss some of the friends I made in St. John’s who are going to other schools. When I move to secondary school I will miss lots of the kind and caring teachers (all of them),the school trips that we went on together, the summer concerts that happen every year in summer, the World War II museum and the make £5 grow project. One of my first memories of St John’s is climbing on the nursery’s apparatus having fun. Another memory is having my first day in reception class, Mrs Hutchinson was really kind.

MADDIE Over eight years of St. John’s (including nursery) I have always been excited to move up to the next brilliant year of learning and fun; but now I have reached the end of class six I just don’t want to leave the family. I am going to The Kingston Academy which is a great school but I mean I just don’t want to leave the wondrous school I am already in!

Looking back at all of the great years of school trips, new friends, learning new things and best of all the friendly teachers, really does make me happy. I knew if there was ever anything wrong I could go to the worry box and write what was troubling me, and the very next day I would be able to talk to a teacher about it. St. John’s really made me who I am today, a big thanks to them. I really will miss them.

SARAH I have really enjoyed my time here at St. John’s and made some amazing memories and I have been here for eight years. From the day that I started here, I have felt like St. John’s is my second family. This year, I will be transitioning to The Tiffin Girls’ School and will be very sad to leave my primary school, but with me I will take many fun experiences and memories. All the teachers here have been kind and caring and have taught me so much and helped me with anything I needed. At this school, I have made so many friends and every pupil here is kind towards others. St. John’s holds many clubs after school and at lunch times, which I have enjoyed taking part in. We have also gone on many fun school trips throughout the years like Hampton Court in year R, Wetland centre in year 2, London zoo in year 4, Matilda in year 5 and many more. The most recent school trip that we went on was a trip to the shard, which I found very exciting, but it was quite scary, because we were so high and the walls were glass. I think that Mrs Esua has been an amazing head teacher and she has improved the school in many ways. The teachers have encouraged me to do things and have helped me learn everything, including English and maths, which I really enjoy doing. I have loved it here, but I know I have to move on and I hope all that I have learnt here will help me in the next stage of my learning, but i will still do my funny poses every once in a while. One of my favourite subjects was computing and I enjoyed doing United Nations day in year 5, which I still remember very vividly now. St. John’s has made me who I am today and helped me grow.

MIA This year I will be transferring to TKA ( The Kingston Academy) I will be very sad to leave St. John’s but will take all the happy memories and things I have learnt here. I have loved my time here at St. John’s and made some amazing friends. All the teachers here have been really kind and caring to all the pupils and have helped anyone that has needed it. All pupils and teachers in this school are always there for you. Since the day I started here at St. John’s it has felt like a second family. The trips we have had in are years at the school have been amazing for example: in year R we went to Hampton court, year 1 we went to the Natural history museum, year 2 we went to the Wetlands centre, year 3 we went to the London zoo, year 4 we went to the British museum, year 5 we went to watch Matilda and in year 6 we went to the Shard and PGL and lots more.

YJ I’m in Year6 and next year I leaving ST.John’s and I will go Hall School Wimbledon in September. And this is my memory in Year6. I remember the Year6 school trip PGL. It was really fun and funny when I do many fun and funny activity. Another thing I remember was when I was in Year6 I went shard it’s really amazing because the shard was really big and little scary.

ELOISE I have been at St. Johns for seven years and next year I will be moving on to my secondary school (Teddington secondary school.) Throughout my time at St, Johns I have seen a lot and done a lot including, taking part in many of the school’s competitions and sports teams. My favourite sports event I attended was a dance competition, I had lots of fun with my friends and we even won something! I will miss St. Johns and the memories of it will stick with me forever. Looking back, every year I have been on some pretty cool trips like, in year 5 we went to see Matilda the musical in London. Also, in year 3 we went to London zoo! I think that St. Johns was a great place for me and for most children as well. I will really miss St. Johns.

JAMES I have been at St. John’s for 8 years and I am going to The Hollyfield School. I am going to miss St. John’s so much!!!!!! The first memory that I have of St. John’s was when we went to Hampton Court Palace. At the time I thought it was the most amazing thing I would ever do. Another good memory was when we were learning about the Great Fire of London. I enjoyed making the information booklets with Owen, Ollie and Moe. I like in year 3 when we did the teacher management with Mr. Redhead. We learnt how to keep your keep your teacher happy and stop them from getting angry. The best memory I have of St. John’s was when we found out our SATS results and Mr. Baker told me I had done really well. I was so happy.

AMAYA I will miss St John’s and all the teachers, when I move to Coombe girls’ secondary I have now been at St John’s for 7 years and had loads of happy memories . I remember in year R when we went to Hampton court and there was a thunder storm. We learnt all about water. In year 1 we went to the natural history museum I loved that. We learnt about the space and animals. In year 2 we went to the wetland centre and “St Lucia”. In class 2 we learnt about nocturnal animals and St Lucia. In year 3 we went to London zoo that was probably my favourite at the time. We learnt about the Romans and had loads of cool and fun games to play. In year4 we went to the British museum to learn about Egypt. In year 4 we were learning the Tudors and Egyptians. In year 5 we went to west end to see Matilda. In year five i remember learning about the Angelo Saxons And in year six we went to the houses of parliament, a cricket tournament, the shard, Southwark cathedral , pgl my favourite and Chessington world of adventures. And in my last year of St John’s I have learnt all about world war 2 and growing up. And now it’s my time to leave I have had a great time at St John’s primary and made loads of friends and learnt a lot. I don’t want to leave but know that I have to. I am one of the two girls going to Coombe but I will miss my whole class when I leave. We are all moving on.

MATTHEW I have been in St John's 1 year and I will go to Epsom high school. St John's has changed my my life , and that change I loved. I've really liked activities such as the £5 grow project and the trips that were really fun were the scary rides. Now my friend Tristan is my best friends and Monty is my second best etc…

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