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Language Day 2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

On Monday 20th June, St John’s celebrated Language day. During the day, our children

explored different languages in a fun and creative way. They enjoyed a range of exciting

activities organised by students from Kingston Grammar learning Spanish, Italian, French

and German through games and song.

In order to make the day extra special, children were invited to dress up. They wore a

traditional costume from a country of their choice or their own heritage or they dressed up

in the colours of a country’s flag.

Parents were invited to come and speak to the children about a different culture, teach a

few words in a different language or read a story in another language.

Our children really enjoyed the day.

“I was very happy and proud to talk about Bangladesh.” (Ishaan Year 1)
“I liked it because it was about different countries.”(Mattheos Year 1)
I liked being at the front in Collective Worship and telling the whole school about Poland.” (Zosia Year 1)

“I liked it because we got to learn different languages.” (Esther Year 1)
“I liked it when Daisy’s mum came in because she was reading a book in French. It was a flap book.” (Emma Year R)
“I enjoyed it when Mrs Esua came in. She talked about Nigeria. I lived in Nigeria.” (Ebo Year R)
“I enjoyed all of us coming together in all of the bright colours. My favourite part was when we learnt to sing a song in Spanish.” (Anela Year 5)
“What I liked about Language day was that I could learn more languages, what they do in different countries and how they dress up.” (Hannah Year 5)
“We learnt about the weather and festivals in Spanish, animals in Italian and the history of Liberia. My favourite language was probably Italian because I think the games were fun. At Secondary School, I hope to learn Spanish and Italian more. Language Day was fun and interesting.” (Martha Year 6)
“We learnt Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Liberian throughout the day. My favourite language was Italian because we learnt how to say the names of some animals. We also played fun games.” (Hayley Year 6)

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