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Egyptian Day

Darwin Y3 celebrated an Egyptian day after spending time learning about Ancient Egypt in class. Ms P made flat bread on an open fire as well as a delicious butterbean spread, as the Egyptian's would have done many centuries ago. Everybody had a taste and finished the meal off with dried fruits. In class, we made our own papyrus paper, built 3-D pyramids and did some Egyptian dancing. A fabulous and educational day was had by all.

Ms P's Ancient Egyptian Butter Bean and Flat Bread recipe:

Mashed butter beans

A little garlic

A splash of olive oil

A pinch of Salt

A pinch Cumin

Fresh Coriander

Fresh Mint

Mix all the ingredients together and use as a spread

For the flatbread:

Flour x2 cups

Milk 3/4 cup

Olive Oil

Place the formed breads into a pan over an open fire - Once slightly browned on both sides, spread on the butter bean mixture - delicious!

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