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Our Rights Ambassadors led our Earth Day assembly. This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘ Plastic vs Planet’.

As a whole school we thought about what we could do to look after our world and reduce plastic pollution. The children fully engaged with this and were keen to play their part to protect the environment. Some of the suggestions shared by the children are: recycling more, putting litter in the bin, reducing our use of energy, turning off the tap when brushing their teeth and not wasting food.

Our children felt that every day should be an Earth Day. Maya (Year 5) reminded us of Article 24: We have a right to a clean environment and Beatrice (Year 5) reminded us that God has entrusted us to care for our world. Psalm 24: 1.

Reception recycled plastic cds to make exotic fish for our Art exhibition.

Years 1 and 5 weeded our planters in the playground and then planted some geraniums and impatiens.

Years 1 and 3 went on a litter pick along the Hogsmill and around our school. They counted all the pieces of litter they collected. All 250 pieces!

To celebrate Earth Day 2024, Year 5 built on what they learnt in assembly and had an in-depth discussion about how to further reduce plastic waste on our planet. They wrote ideas based on the theme of 'Planet vs Plastic' and suggested new ways we could reduce our waste to impact the environment. As a result, the class wrote a letter to Year 3 asking them if they could make a pledge and commit to reducing plastic waste.

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