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Blue Peter Badges Awarded

A group of of children took the initiative and organised a litter pick down by the Hogsmill River which is a globally rare chalk river and boarders our playground.

We sent an application into blue peter for a blue peter green badge and we are so grateful to have received our blue peter badges. We picked up a big tub of litter along with an over flowing bag of trash. I loved making the blue peter badge with my best friends. We made it out of the litter we picked up. - by Hannah.

We spent about an hour picking up all kinds of litter and other strange things and then we came back to my house and started to sort out the litter. Then we made the blue peter badge out of the litter. - By Maddie

We took a picture of it because it was too big to send it in the letter. It was one of the best days of my life as it was so much fun to do it with two of my best friends. - by Isabel

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