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St John’s News 16: Friday 27th May 2022

John 14:1 (Jesus’ words to his disciples) ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.’


A Message From The Head

What an exciting half term we have had! As we have gradually returned to our new normal, the children have enjoyed more experiential learning. I am proud of our children, and their attitudes towards their learning. I see children engaging and enjoying the lessons carefully planned for them by their teachers.

During our Friday Merit Assembly, we hear and celebrate a range of reasons for why the children are being recognised, from perseverance to being a caring friend.


Jubilee Celebrations

What a beautiful week of celebrations and learning about our monarchy. The children have been involved in story writing, art, design technology and loads of history. We ended our week with a royal lunch in the playground dressed as a King, Queen or in red, white and blue. This was followed by our royal parade over Blue Bridge House.


Year 6

Year 6 has had a busy couple of weeks. The Key Stage 2 SATS tests started on Monday 9th May. The tests lasted for 4 days - finishing on the morning of Thursday the 12th. The whole class performed brilliantly. They worked to the very best of their abilities and approached the whole process calmly and with a level of maturity that impressed all of the adults involved. We feel very proud of all of them. Once the tests were over, we got on with the important business of celebrating. Turing Year 6 occupied the field for Friday afternoon and had a picnic followed by a water fight. After the weekend, they headed off on their residential trip. We had a fantastic week away. The weather was mixed, but nothing could dampen the class’s spirits. The children threw themselves into everything with gusto and gave a wonderful account of themselves. They returned tired but happy - ready to enjoy their last half term at St John’s.​ We congratulate Turing Y6 for a great attitude towards the National KS2 Tests, and for being brilliant ambassadors of St John’s during their residential stay at YMCA Southampton last week.

Year 6 - 7 transition day:

This will take place on 6th July. Secondary schools should be in touch with primaries with details of what shape the day will take.


Year 5

In Class 5, we have been busy this week celebrating the Jubillee and finally performing our Cinderella Production! All pupils did a fantastic job! David, Jane, Jeremy, John, Caroline, Kellyann and Maggie have been impressed with the way our children conducted themselves with such gusto and confidence! Congratulations to you all! The staff at St. John's and I are very proud of your achievements! Enjoy your well-earned rest!

Additionally, Class 5 will be performing at the Rose Theatre on Friday, 1st July at 7:30pm and Saturday, 2nd July at 2pm and 7pm at the Arthur Cottrel Theatre for the FUSE International Festival (in association with the Kingston International Film Festival). The class are so excited to be given the opportunity to perform on a professional stage. Tickets are available online at It would be lovely to see more of the school community at these performances and would appreciate your support.


Year 4

This half term we have enjoyed our geography topic Water and Rivers. We have also been painting rivers and landscapes in Art and looking at paintings by the artist Marc Martin. We visited Canbury Gardens in Kingston to sketch the river Thames. The children had a very enjoyable morning.


Year 3

Class 3 have been busy recently, especially in DT and English. In DT, we have been looking at mechanisms and have made moving mechanical posters with a Jubilee theme! In English, we have been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and we have been writing interesting comic strips and practising descriptive writing. We finished with a drama performance where we acted out each chapter.


Year 2

Congratulations to Byron Class for living out the school motto whilst completing their end-of-key stage assessments. They have all been completed now and we look forward to sharing their successes in the end-of-year report. Keep up the fantastic work!


Year 1

Edison year 1 have been busy being History detectives and finding out about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. In Maths we have been learning how to work out multiplication calculations using repeated addition and arrays. We have had fun in Art and DT designing and making our own ‘Alien in underpants’. In Science we have started learning about plants. We have planted beans and sunflower seeds and we are now enjoying watching them grow. ​



Hubble class have been very busy over the last few weeks. We had a fantastic ‘Funky hair day. Miss Shaw came in to talk about different hairstyles and we learnt new vocabulary such as cornrow, plaits, ponytail, Afro, deadlock, straight, curly and ringlet. She then styled some of the children’s hair and then we styled each other’s, including the staff! We practised our fine motor skills by threading, combing, and adding clips in the hair. We used paper cups to build the tallest tower we could. The children realised that they had to turn the cups and balance them carefully. We managed to build up to 6 cups before it fell. We made a pictogram to find the most common hair colour in Hubble class. We found that light brown is the most common. Continuing on the ‘hair’ theme, we have made our own cress heads. We drew a face on a cup, added damp cotton wool and added a sprinkle of cress seeds. We hope they will grow into lovely green hair!​ We had a fantastic trip to Bocketts Farm where we enjoyed meeting all sorts of farm animals, having close encounters with a rat and a rabbit and a bumpy tractor ride. All the children were perfectly behaved. Hubble class were inspired by a child who had made an electromagnet at home and we explored how to make a circuit. The children managed to make a light bulb light up and make a motor work. This week the whole class have been busy decorating bunting for the Jubilee, making crowns out of recycled materials and playing a role as a member of the Royal family to learn about their family tree. Phew!



We have been having lots of fun getting ready for the Jubilee. Last week everyone helped to make some bunting by decorating flags in red, white and blue designs. In addition to this, we have been learning some facts about Queen Elizabeth - including what she looks like and where she lives. This week the children have been making crowns to wear for our procession and painting pictures of the queen. They have also been enjoying listening to a range of books which feature (in one way or another) her majesty. Next up, biscuit decorating for our royal picnic on Friday.

Nursery Class


General Notes

  • Please could you ensure that all snacks sent into school remain of a healthy variety. We try to encourage the pupils to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as opposed to processed fruit bars.

  • When dropping off and collecting your child please remember that dogs must remain offsite at all times.

  • Portland Road residents are petitioning the council with regards to having traffic calming improvements made along the length of the road. You are able to take a look at all information and sign the petition by clicking here.


Summer Fete

We have less than two months until the summer fete. Please see the below dates for donations.


Dates for your Diary

  • Saturday 18th June: PSA Summer Fete

  • Tuesday 19th July (2 pm): Year 6 Leavers Service

  • Monday 13th June: Inset Day

  • Wednesday 15th June: Peter Cowley- e-safety talk to Years 3-6

  • Monday 20th June: Language Morning with Kingston Grammar


Links to more information


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