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Reception Blog Week Ending 17th June 2022

We have been busy over the last two weeks in Hubble class. We visited the Community garden and planted sunflower seeds. The garden had grown so much since our visit in March. We saw lots of differences. They have had a small play area built and we were able to play, water the plants and look at all the different plants, vegetables and fruits that are growing.

We will grow our sunflowers and then measure which one grows the tallest. The children painted their own sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Two children from Hubble class gifted the class a caterpillar/butterfly kit. We watched the caterpillars grow and during half term they had transformed into butterflies. We kept them in class for a few days and then released them on a sunny day. We really enjoyed having them in class.

Some of the children are really enjoying writing and one child wrote a short story all by herself. It has been very hot at school but we have tried to keep cool by playing with the water outside. We survived the hottest day of the year with an ice pop, yum!

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