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A five star memory of St John's

Christopher Dunn 1990-1997

I spent my whole primary school years at St Johns before heading off to Hollyfield in 1997. When I was there computer technology was in it's early days and all I remember being was 2 old BBC computers in the hallway, internet did not exist!

The head teacher at the time was Mr Van Schalkwyk, a firm but fair man who told fantastic stories of his homeland in South Africa. The ultimate punishment was the long walk up the stairs to his office before you explain why you are there (If your naughty), his bark was worse than his bite and as I said he was firm but fair.

We had assemblies 3 times a week and sung hymns which didn't seem significant at the time but the assemblies taught life long lessons. PE was in the hall during the winter months and outside (weather permitting) during the summer months.

Towards the end of my time there, the big field was increased inside after the school obtained the land behind the houses on Portland Road and extended the playing field. Before this the field was small and there was a path that led to the conservation area. I remember a goat being kept in one of the gardens that at time would escape and cause chaos running around the playground.

The library as it is now did not exist, it was a small room with only a few books. The nursery was newly built towards the end of my time there.

I have so many more happy memories but I would be here all year noting them! Overall I had a happy time at the school, if you could rate it on Trip Advisor it would get 5 stars :-) and to top it off my mum was a teacher there between 2001 and 2003.

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