St John's News 12

Updated: Mar 31

He will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend you. Psalm 91:4

A message from the Head

The children were all full of smiles and great cheer. Life on our playground has resumed with children forming clusters to catch up on their latest news, some walking in arm in arm, some running the lengths of their assigned zones, and others playing games. They are beginning to slowly settle back into a routine, though I suspect this may take our young children more time.

Mufti Day

As many of our children and school community have mentioned, our Christian value for this half term is ‘Hope’, and we should have a mufti day themed ‘Rainbow of Hope’. The children were keen on this idea to raise funds for school, and so we decided to have a mufti day this Friday 12th March. The children can wear as many colours as they wish, clashing or co-ordinating, we don’t mind. As we now look forward to a brighter future, we just want them to have fun.

150 Years!

This is Arnold Letchworth, a curate and vicar of St John’s the Evangelist Church and founder of St John’s School in 1871.

St John’s School is 150 years old this year! Throughout 2021, we will be celebrating this anniversary in school. We are currently planning a week of activities in the summer term. These plans will be shared with you in due course.