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Reception Blog Week Ending: 27th May 2022

Wow, what a busy two weeks we have had!

We have been given a caterpillar/butterfly growing kit. It’s been fascinating to watch the caterpillars grow and change. In Art we used monoprinting and water colour pencils to make pictures of the animals we saw at the farm. We used the electrical circuit making resources from KS2 to make our own circuits. We made bulbs light up and motors turn.Dean from Insight came to tell us the Bible story of the 10 Lepers and asked us to make our own Leper puppet. We had a visit from a drama workshop. The children were Super hero recyclers.

Jubilee week was very busy. We have painted portraits of the Queen in the Pop Art style, carefully using fine brushes for the details. All the recycled resources we were given have been used to make our crowns, fit for our own Kings and Queens. Some members of the Royal family came to visit! We learnt about the weddings and babies born in the Royal family over the last decade of the Queen’s reign. This helped us when we created a Royal family apple tree. We put our biscuit icing decorating skills to the test using red, white and blue icing. Some biscuits were eaten straight away while some made it home.

We even had our own version of the 2012 Summer olympics, competing in dressage (using hockey sticks as horses), and hockey to name but a few. We ended the Jubilee week with a wonderful playground party and parade.

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