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Queen's Jubilee through Art

As a whole school we decided to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee through Art. Our focus was to paint a picture of the Queen to show the different skills the children learn throughout their journey through the school.

Early Years captured the image of the Queen using their brush and colour mixing skills. They were able to paint small details such as her crown and her facial features.

Year 1 then painted a portrait of the Queen, looking carefully at the colours they needed and mixing them to create a realistic portrait. They included more details of her facial features. Year 2 painted a profile painting of the Queen, mixing colours to show her skin colour. They added more details with embellishments to add a different dimension to the painting. Year 3 used their knowledge of colour mixing to create tessellations of different tones and shades of a colour. Year 4 used the artist ‘Andy Warhol’ as their inspiration for their ‘Pop Art’ portrait of the Queen. They used pencil to draw their outline and then used paint to make their art ‘pop’! Year 5 used a coin as inspiration for their portrait of the Queen. Metallic paint and simple side profile creates a large and beautiful coin. Year 6 found their inspiration from ‘Pop Art’ and were able to show how they can create detailed portraits of the Queen and used their knowledge of colour mixing to create fantastically colourful art.

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