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A glimpse into a 1970's art lesson

This professional archive of an Art and Craft lesson at St John's was captured by, then student, Stephen Gavin. Stephen has been in touch with us at the school and says:

I was a student at Kingston Poly (as Kingston University was then), based at Knights Park. I took the photos for a fellow student who was writing a thesis on child art. I think we made one visit. I don't remember any names of teachers. I expect we spent a couple of hours at the school.

After Kingston, which I left in 1975, I went to The Royal College of Art from 1976 until 1979. From 1979-80 I was Artist in Residence, again at Kingston based at Canbury Park where I informally taught in the Sculpture School and Painting School, and also ran an art class for students at Penrhyn Road. I was self employed for a while and in 1983 I trained to teach Design & Technology at Goldsmiths College. After that I taught in London for a few years before moving with my family to York. I taught D&T, Art and ICT in York before retiring in 2012. That was when I was able to scan my negatives and begin to get a little organised.

There are two sets of 'Primary Art & Craft' on Stephen's website for people to view.

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