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Y6 Residential 2023

Updated: May 25, 2023

Jacob’s ladder was challenging but fun, and buggy building involved a lot of teamwork and charging about on one of the huge flower-covered fields. The day ended with archery tag which the staff enjoyed just as much as the children.

We carried out a room inspection this morning. This is what we found

Giant swing and survivor were great. Much happy screaming and den building.

The zip wire was a fantastic experience, and archery was great fun. Some of the children played a game as part of the archery session which involved ‘winning’ the cutlery they had to use to eat dinner. Luckily no one was left with just their hands.

Abseiling and raft building amongst other things this morning. We are all having a great time.

Up early, breakfasted and ready for the day. Raft building, abseiling, zip wire, archery and crate challenge here we come!

The first day ended with a games of capture the flag and ultimate tag on the field.

We are here! The weather is warm and all is well with the world!

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