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Year 5 Science Museum Trip

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

On Monday, the class travelled to the Science Museum in central London. This trip was linked to their Science topic: Earth and Space. The class went to the IMAX cinema and learnt all about the ISS (The International Space Station) and learnt about the solar system and the Sun. The pupils were able to capture some of the amazing footage of Space from the ISS. The class attended two shows: one about electricity and currents and the other about explosions. Maya was one of our chosen volunteers and she did a fantastic job! After a tour around the Space exploration gallery, the pupils were rewarded time at the Wonderlab (a child’s dream) where they played and investigated things science combined (Chemistry and Physics).

What did the children think?

“I enjoyed the IMAX because I like the 3D film. Also, I enjoyed finding out that there is a planet that scientists predict has life because it has the right amount of water, oxygen and right needs for life.” Beatriz

“When we went to the Science Museum, we were mainly focussing on Earth and space and how the Earth orbits around the Sun. What I enjoyed was the 3D movie and put on 3D glasses when watching it!”. Eleni

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