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The Bishop of Kingston visit

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The class had a special visitor at St.John’s.

came to visit them. Bishop Martin taught the class about this key question in RE - How Do ‘Bishops in Action’ Help Lead The Anglican Church In The Christian Faith Today?. Bishop Martin helped to unpick this vast question by sharing his private diary of his schedule of the day and week and shared specifically what he was going to do at each meeting and event. He also shared the declaration which was read at his ordination in February which helped the class to understand what the role of the bishop entails.

Year 5 had the chance to ask Bishop Martin some questions about the topic, his like and work in the church. Some questions asked - Are there any women bishops, as all the pictures seem to show men? (Imo); Do you have to train to be a Bishop? Do you have to train or have held a particular position to be one? (Maya); What does the Mitre represent? Is it heavy? (Nil); Do you meet with other Bishops to discuss problems with a church? (Trinity).

We then asked Bishop Martin whether there was anything we could be thinking about or praying for: He asked the class to keep him in our thoughts as he prepared for the Advent season.

What did the children think?

“I enjoyed the Bishop coming in because I learnt about what he does in a week and all about his job. He answered our question really well and I felt I knew a lot about him!”. Nil

I enjoyed the session about the Bishop today because you don’t normally hear about a Bishop’s diary! My favourite part was when the Bishop said that his daughter said his sash for his robe was Magenta NOT purple!”. Theo

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