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St John’s News 26: Wednesday 20th December 2023

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace' Isiaiah 9:6

A message from the Head

We have finally got to the end of an extremely busy, but successful half term!  Our children have been a joy as always, enjoying and participating in their learning, and trying their best to achieve their targets.

Congratulations to everyone in the school community as we have just been rated 3rd in the borough end of KS2 league tables. This is an amazing achievement on the back of a very successful OFSTED inspection.

A massive 'thank you' to our PSA for all their hard work fundraising for school, and organising great activities for our children to enjoy. Some of the events organised this term for the children have been their disco, Christmas Fete, lighting of the Christmas tree, Christmas activity morning, and buying Christmas crackers for their Christmas lunch.

A very big thank you from all the staff for the very generous gifts and cards. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Over Christmas and New Year, please enjoy your time with your children doing lots of practical things where they can be involved.   If you are intending to get them electronic devices,  remember to turn all relevant safeguards on to keep them safe online.


Watches and Smart Watches

Whilst the wearing of a watch is encouraged to support the children in learning to tell the time, we are aware that some of these devices have functions that are not appropriate for use during the school day. 


Children are not allowed to wear smart watches to school that have any of the following functions:


- wifi connection

- ability to take photographs

- ability to play games


Where children are wearing any form of watch to school, families will be asked to keep it for home use only if it becomes a distraction within the classroom. 

Please note: The school will not take responsibility for any loss of or damage to items (such as watches or jewellery) that the children are bringing in from home. 

Jewellery is not encouraged: necklaces, hand chains, dangling earrings should not be worn to school


D&T Christmas Workshop at Kingston Grammar School (KGS)

Year 5 attended the D&T Christmas Workshop at Kingston Grammar School. The class made candle holders from recycled oak. Our children got to familiarise themselves with saws, files, automated sanders and drills before creating their masterpieces. The final products looked amazing and everyone was so proud of their items. We were treated to a chocolate treat at the end of the session. ​Well done!


Bishop of Kingston Visit

The class had a special visitor at St. John’s. The Bishop of Kingston came to visit them. Bishop Martin taught the class about this key question in RE - How Do ‘Bishops in Action’ Help Lead The Anglican Church In The Christian Faith Today? Bishop Martin helped to unpick this vast question by sharing his private diary of his schedule of the day and week and shared specifically what he was going to do at each meeting and event. He also shared the declaration which was read at his ordination in February which helped the class to understand what the role of the Bishop entails.

Year 5 had the chance to ask Bishop Martin some questions about the topic, his likes, and work in the church. Some questions asked - Are there any women Bishops, as all the pictures seem to show men? (Imo); Do you have to train to be a Bishop? Do you have to train or have held a particular position to be one? (Maya); What does the Mitre represent? Is it heavy? (Nil); Do you meet with other Bishops to discuss problems with a church? (Trinity).

We then asked Bishop Martin whether there was anything we could be thinking about or praying for: He asked the class to keep him in our thoughts as he prepared for the Advent season.

“I enjoyed the Bishop coming in because I learnt about what he does in a week and all about his job. He answered our question really well and I felt I knew a lot about him!”.


I enjoyed the session about the Bishop today because you don’t normally hear about a Bishop’s diary! My favourite part was when the Bishop said that his daughter said his sash for his robe was Magenta NOT purple!”.


Christmas Production

Well done to everyone for a fantastic Christmas Production on Monday and Tuesday. The singing and the acting were worthy of a West End performance!


Christmas Lunch

Everyone enjoyed an amazing Christmas Lunch on Wednesday 13th December. The Christmas crackers given to the children by the PSA was the icing on the cake! A big thank you to Yvonne and Maria in the kitchen for cooking such a wonderful lunch.



With all the festivities this month, our wonderful choir have been very busy. They have performed at the St John’s Christmas fete, the turning on of the school Christmas lights, St John’s Church Candlemas service and to residents at Bradbury House. Every time that the choir have performed, they have been a true credit to the school with both their singing and their jolly, well mannered behaviour.


Christmas with Early Years and KS1

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a splendid afternoon with the hilariously funny, wonderfully dazzling magician Ritchie Rosson. There were also non stopped giggles as the children were entertained with funny jokes, silly faces, balloon animals and bubbles! And then there were amazing magic tricks on top!


Reverse Advent Calendar

Thank you for all your generous donations to our Reverse Advent Calendar. We delivered your donations to the Community Fridge in Brighton Road, Surbiton. The volunteers who run this were delighted.


Y5 Trip to Science Museum

On Monday 27th November, the class travelled to London. This trip was linked to their Science topic: Earth and Space. The class went to the IMAX cinema and learnt all about the ISS (The International Space Station) and learnt about the solar system and the Sun. The pupils were able to capture some of the amazing footage of Space from the ISS. The class attended two shows: one about electricity and currents and the other about explosions. Maya was one of our chosen volunteers and she did a fantastic job! After a tour around the Space exploration gallery, the pupils were rewarded time at the Wonderlab (a child’s dream) where they played and investigated things science combined (Chemistry and Physics).

“I enjoyed the IMAX because I like the 3D film. Also, I enjoyed finding out that there is a planet that scientists predict has life because it has the right amount of water, oxygen and right needs for life.” Beatriz

“When we went to the Science Museum, we were mainly focussing on Earth and space and how the Earth orbits around the Sun. What I enjoyed was the 3D movie and put on 3D glasses when watching it!”. Eleni


Lifting Young Voices Concert with Y5 and Y6

The pupils performed their songs at the Lifting Young Voices Choir Concert at All Saints church on Tuesday 28th November. They were joined by the All Saints Senior and Junior choirs and St. Joseph’s school. The Festive Christmas Concert was attended by many families and friends of the pupils and was a packed event. Year 5 and 6 have worked really hard over the term in their Music Curriculum to develop their singing skills through the songs sung and the concert gave them a chance to shine and to celebrate their achievement. Thank you to Years 5 and 6 who attended the concert and to the families who supported their child. David Condry (Music Director) will be continuing the choral rehearsals with both classes in the New Year.


“I enjoyed being part of a group, it was so fun! My favourite part was singing with the Senior choir. It was great!”. Lucia

“I liked it when we all needed to sing in front of all the audience and I mainly enjoyed singing the song ‘Swing low, swing chariot’. It was amazing!”. Michaela

“In the concert, I enjoyed singing the New Year’s carol and the other songs. My favourite part was seeing the senior choir perform – it warmed my heart! I was looking forward to it!”. Thalia


Rights Respecting School Banner

Our Rights Ambassadors were thrilled to finally receive our Unicef Silver Rights Respecting Banner. It’s now proudly on display in front of our school!


Class Weekly Attendance for W/C 4 December

Y1 97.2%

Y2 82.7%

Y3 96.0%

Y4 97.7%

Y5 96.0%

Y6 86.7%

Class Weekly Attendance for W/C 11 December

Y1 96.6%

Y2 97.0%

Y3 98.0%

Y4 98.3%

Y5 91.7%

Y6 91.0%



The school gates open at 8:40am and close at 8:50am. We expect all children to be ready to start their early morning learning promptly at 8:45am.

We want to teach our children that punctuality is an extremely important and respectful life skill.

When the gates close at 8:50am, your child's lateness will be recorded. This will be monitored by the Local Authority's Educational Welfare Officer ("EWO").

Early morning work, between 8:45 and 9:00am is vital for your child's progress.

Please do not allow your child to cycle on Portland Road on the way to and from school as there is still traffic travelling down the road at this time of the morning


Forgotten items reminder

If your child has forgotten any items they need for school on a day, eg: lunch, water bottle, PE kit, wellies for forest school, etc... please leave them clearly labelled with your child's name and class in the plastic box outside the office and a member of staff will pass them over to your child before lunchtime.


Keeping children safe (Safeguarding)

Please find here an excellent Safeguarding Handbook for primary schools by the Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Team. Safeguarding—In Safe hands

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline

Continues to operate 24 hours a day including bank holidays & weekends. 0808 2000 247

Please remember if you have any concerns or questions regarding Safeguarding out of school hours follow the link.

Do not forget

  • No pets allowed on the school premises

  • No smoking or vaping on the school premises

  • Use of mobile is not permitted on the school premises



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