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School Council's visit to All Saints

On Monday 26th September, the School Council representatives went to All Saints

Parish Church in Kingston for a special service. This is held every year and it is to

pray for our judges and magistrates. The Mayor of Kingston and many judges


As we arrived, we were all so confused as to why there were soldiers at the

entrance. It took us five minutes to realise that they were simply there to guide us

into the church and to meet the Mayor and judges.

As we entered the church, I muttered ’Fancy’ under my breath because the church

was beautifully decorated and I liked the gardens around the building. We sat down

and the service started with the national anthem. We learnt that this service is part of

a 100 year old tradition. We listened to a choir, sang hymns, said prayers for the

judges and listened to the vicar of Kingston speak.

We all enjoyed attending the service. Ellie (Yr 3) said: ‘I liked the fanfare of trumpets

as we left the church. I also liked singing the hymns because they made me feel

happy and calm’.

Hamish (Yr 3) said: ‘I enjoyed listening to the Tiffin Boys’ choir and I was impressed

by the army marching off at the end of the service. I also liked listening to the Bible

reading from one of the judges’.

Esther (Yr2) said: ‘I liked singing the national anthem’.

Kit and Fabiana (Yr 1) sai : ‘It was great’.

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