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OFSTED Report 2023

Following our recent OFSTED Inspection, we now have the final report.

I am delighted to share that the report continues to recognise the school as being Good.

A copy of the final report is available below. This will also be live on the OFSTED website in a week’s time.

The report is pupil focussed and different from previous inspection letter style of writing. The new style of inspection focussed on 6 key lines of enquiry: Early Reading, Mathematics, History, Science, Geography and Art. After a robust deep dive into each of these subjects over 2 days, the inspection report states that ‘the school’s curriculum is designed with care and ambition and the necessary building blocks to learning well in a subject are carefully identified’.

The report recognises that the school continues to provide a good standard of education and care for our children and highlights many areas of strength across the school. It also recognises that we know our school well and have clearly identified appropriate areas for whole school continuing improvement.

The inspection acknowledges that our provision for SEND allows the pupils to fully participate in their learning, as we know and understand their needs.

We know our children’s behaviour is generally excellent inside and outside of the class, are polite and treat each other with kindness and respect, and we are delighted that this is reflected in the report.

The report states that ‘the arrangements for Safeguarding are effective’.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our parents and carers, for your ongoing support and positive comments in the ‘Parent View’ Questionnaire.

We have a fantastic team of dedicated staff and Governors who are committed to continuing to improve our school, ensuring that all our pupils are provided with a wide range of excellent learning experiences.

We look forward to building on this positive report.

10289851 St John's C of E Primary School 102589 Final PDF
Download PDF • 188KB

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