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Lifting Young Voices Choir Concert

The pupils performed their songs at the Lifting Young Voices Choir Concert at All Saints church. They were joined by the All Saints Senior and Junior choirs and St. Joseph’s school. The Festive Christmas Concert was attended by many families and friends of the pupils and was a packed event. Year 5 and 6 have worked really hard over the term in their Music Curriculum to develop their singing skills through the songs sung and the concert gave them a chance to shine and to celebrate their achievement. Thank you to Year 5 and 6 who attended the concert and to the families who supported their child. David Condry (Music Director) will be continuing the choral rehearsals with both classes in the New Year.

What did the children think?

“I enjoyed being part of a group, it was so fun! My favourite part was singing with the Senior choir. It was great!”. Lucia

“I liked it when we all needed to sing in front of all the audience and I mainly enjoyed singing the song ‘Swing low, swing chariot’. It was amazing!”. Michaela

“In the concert, I enjoyed singing the New Year’s carol and the other songs. My favourite part was seeing the senior choir perform – it warmed my heart! I was looking forward to it!”. Thalia

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