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Careers Day 2023

We held a Careers Day to support the aspirations and ambitions of our children. Parents and volunteers came in to talk to Years 5 and 6 about different career paths. This gave the children an opportunity to explore and think about the vast range of careers at their disposal. It also taught them the importance of becoming responsible citizens contributing to the community and to the economy.

A huge thank you to the following parents, governors and volunteers: Mrs Hone, Mrs Theodorou, Mrs Knox, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Loffler, PC Coombes and PC Khan who shared a broad range of career paths.

Here are some comments from the children:

Ellmina (Y6):’ I found it interesting that even though it may be a low paid job, you can still enjoy it. It makes me question what I want to do in the future.’

Manny (Y6): ‘ Careers Day made me think about becoming a Recruitment Director so I can help people find good jobs.’

Narges (Y6):’ It was interesting to find out that some people don’t start with their dream job but it becomes their dream job after a while when they have experienced it.’

Orla (Y5): ‘It opened my eyes to what different jobs I could have’.

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