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An Eco Update

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Children from the eco-committee discussed the upcoming visit from the Eco-Schools assessment team. They are looking forward to meeting them very soon and will be proud to tell them what St John's, as a whole school, have done just in the last year

We have..

  • ​Stopped using plastic cutlery, straws and cups

  • ​Packed away the laminator unless absolutely necessary

  • Stopped nearly all classes using sticky back plastic for their books

  • Erected an exciting new outdoor learning cabin

  • Class 6 big plastic project/assembly/letters

  • Achieved gold active travel plan

  • Daily mile and colourful playground activity route

  • Outdoor Reflection garden

  • Cut a hedgehog friendly area in our fence

  • Launched a cloth bag design competition

  • Waste project including clothes

  • Recycled over a thousand batteries

  • Interviewed Mrs Hutchinson for the latest plans in our environmentally aware school and she says we have great plans including: not buying any more glitter (because guess what it's made from), digging a pond are to further encourage biodiversity in our school grounds, and most amazingly, applied to the institute of physics for a wind turbine and solar panels to power our outdoor learning cabin.

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