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Nursery Autumn term update

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Autumn Term 2021

Signs of Autumn -

Over the last few weeks we have been looking for 'signs of Autumn' around the playground and in the Forest Area. We have found sycamore seeds, red berries and pumpkins. We have also spotted red, yellow and golden leaves, both on trees and dropping to the floor. Some Nursery children have continued with our Autumn hunt by bringing in conkers to show us.

Alma Thomas -

For Black History Month we learned about the art work done by Alma Thomas. We have also been inspired to make some of our own pictures.

Colour Days -

We have had lots of fun with our colours. Here are some of the things that we did for each colour day:

Blue: We played eye spy with all the blue objects we could find. We made sea paintings using rollers and printing. Then, to decorate them, we made fish hand prints.

Red: We made and painted a red post box, we had fun printing and painting with red paints. We made collages out of red shapes.

Yellow: We made different jewellery by threading pasta, we also used the pasta to make pictures. We then made some yellow play dough and turned it into snakes, snails, shapes etc.

Green: We had fun creating all of the things we could think of which were green out of the green play dough we made. We painted green splat pictures. The children also had fun making washing line pictures using green clothes.

Rainbow: We sang and listened to songs about rainbows. We created rainbow drawings, collages and paintings. We played a rainbow game with the colours we were wearing. We read the 'Rainbow Fish' in class. ​

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