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在聖約翰學院,我們的學生都是成功的學習者,並且實現了我們學校的願景; “我們的孩子是快樂、成功的學習者,他們喜歡學習、取得進步並充分發揮他們的潛力”。 我們希望每個人都是我們的學校蓬勃發展,並了解“生活的圓滿”(約翰福音 10:10)。


我們的學生在英語、寫作和數學方面達到了預期的綜合標準,並且在過去 3 年 KS2 結束時,他們一直保持在 80% 以上。這超過了國家平均標準 (65%) 和金頓地方當局的平均標準。  


我們的學生也始終超過取得最高成績的學生的國家標準。 我們的 KS1 數據在過去 3 年中一直高於全國平均水平。 Phonics Screening 測試結果近3年均符合或高於全國平均水平。前期良好 發展成果近3年均高於國家標準。


*由於大流行,沒有 2019-2020 和 2020-2021 學年的記錄數據。

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At St John’s our pupils are successful learners and live out our school vision; ‘that our children are happy, successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve their full potential’.  We want everyone is our school to flourish and to know ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).


Our Pupils’ achieve the expected combined standard in English, Writing and Mathematics and over the past the 3 years at the end of KS2, they have been consistently above 80%. This exceeds the National Average Standard (65%), and Kington Local Authority average standard.  


Our pupils also consistently exceed the national standard for pupils achieving the highest grades.  Our end of KS1 data has been consistently higher than the national average for the past 3 years. Phonics Screening test results have been in line with or greater than the national average for the past 3 years. Early years Good Level of Development results have been higher than national standard for the past 3 years.


*Due to the Pandemic, there are no recorded data for 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 academic years.

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