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Forest School 

We offer a permanent outdoor learning space for 3 – 11 year old children from the school. The space is managed by Forest Schooling UK CIC. The Forest School and allotment, including Chickens and Rabbits create a unique flexible outdoor space for all of our children to enjoy the benefits of learning outdoors.

OFSTED November 23

Staff make full use of the school’s outdoor spaces to engage pupils in learning about the environment. Pupils especially enjoy tending the school garden and looking after the school’s hens and rabbits.

Forest Schooling UK and St John's School believe that learning outdoors can foster resilient, confident, independent and creative learners that go on to use their new skills in the every changing world. In addition, the mental health and wellbeing of all our students is a priority and there is a lot of evidence to support being outdoors in green spaces greatly improves mental health and wellbeing. 

Children from all classes use the area as part of their classroom learning. In addition, those children with additional need access the area on a more regular basis. 

There is a covered outdoor classroom, a greenhouse and a fence and hedgerow to support wildlife and separate the area from the sports field. The allotment features raised beds for the growing of food and plants by all the classes. There is a small reflection and sensory garden as well as  Forest School provision. We have a chicken coop, which the children look after. We have added solar and wind power meaning all energy on-site is self generated, and the addition of a rear locked gate into and out of the area allows the exploration of the Hogsmill River to be brought more easily into the program.

Forest School 

All year groups have a term of Forest School sessions once a year. The year group is split into two groups. One will attend for one half term, the other for the second half term. The class teacher chooses the groups.

Who runs the sessions

Kay and Laura will run the sessions. Both are very experienced Forest School leaders and are known to many of the children and staff as they have been at St John's running after school and holiday clubs.

When will my child's turn be?

Year Group
Year 6
Year 5
Year 4
Year 3
Year 2
Year 1
Year R

What about Nursery?

The Nursery school access the Forest School every week.

戶外野外學習 (OWL)

我們設計了一個戶外課程,聖約翰學校的每個孩子,從幼兒園到 6 年級,都可以體驗。一小群孩子參觀並受益於遠離課堂的時間,並來享受我們的林地和分配。我們設置了一些小任務,鼓勵孩子們喜歡用一種正念的方法。


孩子們是由他們的班主任或學校 SENCO 介紹給我們的。我們遵循森林學校的六項原則,採用專門的戶外學習方法。這讓我們所有的孩子都有機會在林地和樹木的自然環境中獲得成就、培養信心、增強自尊,並享受動手學習的機會。我們創造了一個安全的培育空間,讓個人可以按照自己的節奏探索自己的感受和行為。我們通過基於遊戲的活動挑戰他們,並通過他們的決定和過程支持他們,幫助他們認識到不同的選擇和使用他們的情緒彈性“工具包”可能會導致不同的結果

1:1 會話

除了我們的森林學校計劃之外,我們還為被確定需要支持的兒童提供 1:1 課程。這些不超過 45 分鐘,通常包括遊戲治療/調節區。


我們為需要在傳統課堂環境之外提供額外支持的個人創建了一個 1:1 的個人計劃。我們量身定制時間表和活動,以吸引個別孩子並鼓勵情緒調節,在鼓勵孩子隨著時間的推移重新進入課堂和學校社區之前,為孩子提供應對策略。這些孩子和我們一起度過了相當多的時間。



我們鼓勵外展活動和社區參與。我們有一所訪問學校每週來一次森林學校課程。我們與金斯頓大學有著良好的聯繫,作為我們 3 年級森林計劃的一部分,我們參觀了他們在金斯頓山上的大片林地。我們經常聘請大學的建築師學生幫助我們在我們的網站上設計項目。我們歡迎來自教學大學的學生前來參觀我們的作品並享受我們的工作體驗。



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