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Settling into Reception

We have now been in Hubble class for a few weeks and we have all settled well into the routines and expectations of the class. We have made new friends and re established old friendships and are getting to know each other well. The children have been busy getting to know what resources are inside and outside the classroom. We are learning through play and 'in the moment' as well as being introduced to more formal teaching. In RE we are learning about 'Gods Wonderful World' and the Creation story. We are beginning to take part in PE and this half term we are learning through dance and cooperating and solving problems. In Science we have been experimenting with and hypothesising about different ingredients that will make bicarbonate of soda fizz. We tried lemon juice, water, ketchup, chocolate powder, ice, salt, food colouring and sugar. We discovered that if the ingredient was acidic, it made the bicarbonate fizz. All the children are enjoying exploring and learning.

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