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liquid Nitrogen Assembly

Andrew Hanson and Louise Gibbons, physicists from the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, visited us on Tuesday 30th January to talk to us about temperature, solids, liquids and gases.

They brought with them lots of liquid nitrogen and inspired and intrigued all the children with their demonstrations. The children had many questions to ask and loved all of the physics that they told us about. 

"Good. When the scientist poured the cold thing out and made smoke." and "When they put the balloon in the liquid. It got smaller." YR

"Now that was really cool! It was fun to see the big experiments." Ebo Y2

"Best assembly ever!  I liked it when they tried to bounce the frozen tennis ball." Jacob Y4

"It was a lot of fun. They taught us a lot about science and how science can change the world." Mollie Y5

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