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Choir trip to the Fenwicks Bentall Centre

Our school choir had a lot of fun going to the Bentalls Fenwicks department store to sing Christmas carols. The children sang a range of songs to both onlookers and family who had come to watch us. The children were a little nervous at first, but they quickly got into their stride. They certainly put a smile on everyone's faces. After a loud round of applause the department store treated the children to a warm mug of hot chocolate. (Described by some as being the best hot chocolate in the world, but by others as lacking in marshmallows!). We then made our way back to our school in time for the end of the day.

Due to Covid this was our first performance as a school choir in many years, and we now look forward to many more. Thank you to all of the people who came to support us and to the parents who helped out on the trip.

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