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30 Days of 100 skips to help celebrate sports day.

A special shout out to Mrs Hutchinson who today, completed her 30 day skip-a-thon for charity and invited staff to join her for her last 100 skips. Well done!

Ann said "I have signed up to complete 100 skips a day throughout June raising money for Cancer Research. This is to remember and support family and friends who have lost their lives to, are suffering with or who have lost a loved one to cancer. Cancer is indiscriminate and evil and anything I can do to try to alleviate pain and grief is worth doing. That said, I don’t skip and am hoping that I manage this challenge. I am planning to complete some days challenges at school where first aiders are aplenty! Any donations you can make will be greatly received. Thank you so much Xxx 😘 Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. I’m going to be completing 100 skips a day in June to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. Please show your support and help fund life-saving research by donating to my page"

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