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KS2 never ending story

Any child in KS2 is welcome to try and continue the story below.  This could just be two or three sentences, or a paragraph or two – no more than that.  They need to leave the end of their section open-ended so that the story can be continued by someone else.  

The rules of the KS2 Never Ending are as follows:

  1. Start by reading the story so far

  2. Don’t rush the story – let it develop slowly

  3. Never end the story, and always try to leave the next person an interesting point to start from (a cliff-hanger)

  4. Remember that the person reading your work will need punctuation to make sense of it, and that handwriting Is important

  5. Have fun with it, but try to avoid being silly!

Geoff was sitting in the bath – relaxing with his rubber duck.  It had been an eventful day.  He had spent a great deal of time sitting on the sofa eating dry Cheerios and drinking Tizer.

Suddenly, there was a deep thumping sound, and his bath water rippled.  There was a pause followed by another thump.  Something was coming. (Mr Redhead)


He turned around and saw that his rubber duck was expanding as he stared at it.  Miraculously, it turned round and spoke

      “Hello.  Who are you?” it asked.  It climbed out of the bath and said, “I’m going downstairs.”  Eddie (year 3)

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