This year, our annual Language Morning took place on Friday 11th May. The morning involved lots of different and exciting activities led by students from Kingston Grammar School. Years 1- 5 enjoyed exploring different European languages in a fun and creative way. The children had the chance to practise using German greetings and learn new words and phrases about food, family, colours and pets in Spanish, Italian and French.


It was a morning of fun with creative activities to inspire everyone to love learning a language. Here are some of our children’s comments.


Harry (Yr 1): I liked learning the German words and playing the games.

Grace (Yr 1): I liked the Spanish words.

James (Yr 2): It was quite strange speaking so many different languages but I really enjoyed it, especially German!

Miles (Yr 2): It has persuaded me to learn a new language. I really enjoyed Italian.

Martha (Yr 2): I liked the Spanish because I can go home and tell my mummy and daddy who can both speak Spanish.

Tallulah (Yr 2): I loved singing ‘Let it go’ in German!

Daisy (Yr 2): I liked Spanish best because I already know some words in Spanish but today I learnt how to say certain foods in Spanish.

Ashwin (Yr 3): This morning I learned how to speak in German and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed counting to ten in German. Also I learned the colours in Spanish like azul.

Freddy (Yr 3): I loved the French because we did food names in French.

Gus (Yr 4): This morning I enjoyed Chinese whispers and the game Splat and I enjoyed counting to ten in German. The students were very nice. I liked all of it as well as the buzzer game although there were some arguments about who presses the buzzer!

Harrison (Yr 4): We learned French, Spanish, Italian and German. My favourite was all of them. I would like them to come again. It was so cool! I loved Chinese whispers.

Mya (Yr 4): I enjoyed the Language Morning because it was fun and I learnt quite a lot of things like: how to count in German, pets in French, foods in Spanish. I really liked the buzzer game in the Spanish lesson and Chinese whispers in German.

Lily (Yr 5): I really liked German because we played games which made it fun. I especially liked playing Hangman in German.

Angeliyah (Yr 5): I enjoyed the Spanish lessons with the unscrambling the word and matching activities. I also liked speaking in different languages and asking each other what we like to eat and drink.

Holly (Yr 5): I liked the French because we already do French in school and I knew some of it and learnt even more.

Language Morning 

On Friday 19th May, St John’s took part in a Language morning, exploring different languages in a fun and exciting way. The children all enjoyed a great morning with students from Kingston Grammar learning Spanish, Italian, French, German and Mandarin through games and song.

Owen (Class 2) : I liked when we drew the pictures for the different types of weather in German. My favourite was ‘Es ist sonning.’

Ella (Class 2): My favourite was the Spanish game where you had to write where you live. We had to remember  ‘v’ is pronounced ‘b’.

Nidee (Class 2): I liked the lesson where we learnt one to five in Chinese because I have family that live in China.

Arlo (Class 2): I liked when we learnt how to say foods in Italian. I liked ‘La pizza’ because it was easiest.

Victoria (Class 3): I loved the games.

Minkyu (Class 3): It’s fun to learn other languages-if you don’t know any other languages, you can’t talk to people if you go somewhere.

Miles (Class 1): I liked learning numbers in Mandarin. It was fun.

All (Class 1): It was really good!

Molly Class 4): It was really fun. I liked learning German best. It’s a really hard language to learn but we played games and that helped me learn to describe the weather.

Evie (Class 4): I liked the actions. They helped me remember words and phrases.

Laura(Class 4) : I liked the games it helped us learn.

Joe (Class 4): I liked drawing symbols in mandarin. Number 9 is Jiu pronounced Joe (my name).

Holly (Class 4): It’s good to learn French. France is our nearest neighbour.


Amera (Class 5): I was excited to learn some mandarin. I’ve always wanted to learn it.

Katherine (Class 5): It was good learning about different countries.

Lewis (Class 5): We learnt the names of different foods in Italian.

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