We are very fortunate at St John's to have:

  • the space within our school grounds,

  • the dedication of Stephen Simpson 

  • and the enthusiasm of our pupils to regularly enjoy outdoor learning opportunities 

  • Check out Stephen's site for more information and his photos: www.forestschooling.co.uk

What is Forest School?


Forest School is a unique educational approach that gives young people increased contact with, and knowledge of, the natural world, and a powerful process that enables the holistic personal development of young people.


It offers all types of learners opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through different types of learning in the enveloping environment of a woodland. It is child led and designed to be fun. It allows our children to achieve and most importantly grow; at their own pace.


We centre on the social, physical, intellectual, communication, emotional and spiritual needs of the children, in other words – their holistic development.  This in turn helps foster resilient, confident, independent and creative learners that go on to use their new skills in the class room environment.





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