Creative RE Week

Our Creative RE Week was a huge success. Throughout the week everyone had the opportunity of expressing Faith through dance, music, art, drama and poetry.

During the week the children took part in a Barnabas workshop on Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. Each workshop used a variety of interactive and reflective activities to explore different Bible stories. The children considered how the values of respect, resilience and responsibility form the people we are and how they relate to our life – as individuals and in our class, school and wider community.

The children had the opportunity to learn more about other religions. Jan Nikpour from the Kingston Mosque talked to the children about Islam and Jisu, a Buddhist monk from the Youn Hwa Sa temple in Kingston, led Collective Worship.


The children also produced some wonderful artwork such as clay crosses and Bible Story  Boxes based on  Christian Values. Key Stage 2 worked together on a display for our school hall around our four core values - Respect, Honesty, Perseverance and Service. Key Stage 1 and Early Years produced art around other Christian values.


Here are some of our children’s comments:


‘I liked Creative RE Week because it was reflective and calm like peace in heaven and it was relaxing.’ Grace (Yr 2)


‘I enjoyed doing the animals for the Bible boxes in Class 1. I liked doing the writing about how we could help people and doing the cards for people.’ Ottilie (Yr 1) 


‘I enjoyed the really good Buddha person who was a monk. All the different religions I liked because I was learning new things.’  Sam (Yr 1)                     


‘I was able to reflect in our Barnabas Workshop because it really taught me about respect. Respect means so much to me!’ Miles (Yr 3)


‘During Creative RE Week, I learnt about different religions like Islam. I enjoyed making the Bible boxes. We did the Good Samaritan. I also liked Mrs England’s Collective Worship.’ Martha (Yr 4)


‘In Creative RE Week, dancing with Maggie was the best. This is because it reminded me of the story of Joseph and his coloured coat. It’s one of my favourite stories.’ (Yr 5)


‘I enjoyed making our Bible boxes, expressing our stories  in a different way.  I liked the message from these stories - Always Keep Trying! ‘  Molly (Yr 6) 


‘I liked the message about perseverance. The Good Shepherd didn’t give up looking for his sheep. Paul and Silas never stopped persevering and spreading the word of God.’ Heidi (Yr 6)


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