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The skills of literacy permeate throughout the wider curriculum. The ability to express ideas both verbally and on paper and to be able to read effectively to further understanding and for pleasure are key skills in almost all subjects and indeed for being able to function in society. 


Because of this, we place a great deal of importance on the development of literacy at St John’s. This is a process that starts with speaking and listening, moves into phonetic awareness and reading and then into writing. These stages are not distinct from each other. They complement each other and we continue to nurture all areas throughout the journey through primary school. 


Speaking and listening can involve encouraging children to take turns and listen to one another, or sitting quietly and attentively while listening to a story. It could also involve improvised drama and hot seating exercises to explore ideas and concepts.


Reading is highly valued at St John’s. We demonstrate this through introducing the children to interesting and exciting texts, by modelling high quality and enthusiastic reading and by celebrating the efforts of others. Reading at home is encouraged through the use of home reading records and through a range of regular school-based reading activities such as small group guided reading and the use of whole class reading books. 


Writing comes from reading and listening to a wide range of stories. This develops an understanding of how stories are structured and gives children a rich and varied bank of ideas to draw upon. From mark making in early years to complex and structured pieces of writing in KS2, we celebrate the children’s work and ensure that progress is given equal weighting to achievement to ensure that all children’s efforts are celebrated

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