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At St John’s, Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) is an embedded part of our broad and balanced curriculum. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development is at the heart of our school ethos as well as the fundamental  British Values which are promoted through the overarching aims and objectives of PSHE. These support our children to become healthy and responsible members of society, as well as preparing them for life and work in modern Britain.

Weaving through the heart of our PSHE curriculum, is a commitment to enhancing and promoting our core Christian Values: Respect, Honesty, Perseverance and Service. PSHE is embedded in all that we do to enable our children to become independent, responsible, resilient, healthy and confident members of society. Our PSHE curriculum supports the development of the ‘whole child’, by helping them to understand how they are developing personally and socially as well as promoting their social, mental and physical development. Children develop the ability to tackle the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up as well as learning how to keep themselves safe, physically and emotionally. We provide our children with opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society which is recognised through our achievement of the Bronze Rights Respecting Schools Award. Our children are encouraged to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community. 


The PSHE curriculum is based on the frameworks of the National Curriculum and the PSHE Association and is split into the three key themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. These three themes are taught on a rolling, spiral basis. Topics are revisited across year groups, and understanding is deepened. This allows for progression and retention of key skills and knowledge. Our PSHE programme and wider curriculum will enable children to meet the End of Key Stage Statements as set out in the Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Guidance 2019. Along with our broad and balanced curriculum, there are overlaps with other subjects, for example Computing (E-safety), Science (recycling), PE (leading healthy active lives). At St John’s we respond to local, national, global events that may occur and we take part in key national campaigns throughout the year, such as; Anti-Bulling Week, Black History Month and Mental Health Week.


Our PSHE curriculum and wider provision will ensure that by the time our children leave our school

they will have:

  • a ready willingness and ability to try new things and push themselves and persevere.

  • a good understanding of how to stay safe, healthy and develop good relationships.

  • an appreciation of what it means to be a positive, responsible member of a diverse, multicultural society.

  • a strong self-awareness, interlinked with compassion of others.

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