Summer Overview

Preparing our children for the future                                                                            

Growing Against Violence Workshop

On Friday 17th March, the charity Growing Against Violence held an interactive workshop with Year 6  to give them the tools to make healthy and informed decisions. The children were taught about the difference between ‘friends’ and ‘friendly’. They looked at how certain ‘friends’ , especially those in negative peer groups like gangs, are nothing of the sort and will only attract trouble.

The workshop also showed Year 6 children how to read the signs of gang membership, recognise how gangs recruit and understand the manipulative and coercive nature of gangs and gang members. The session highlighted what gangs are really about and how they exploit young people and put them and their families at risk. The workshop also addressed pupils’ anxiety about moving up to secondary school, and provided practical advice about staying safe, avoid bullying and resources for seeking help if needed.

Turing Class 6

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